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O Eksperimenta! é uma iniciativa belíssima de um estúdio de arte de Tallinn, Estônia, do qual eu sou parceiro e participei da primeira edição em 2011. É uma grande oportunidade para professores de arte que querem expor no exterior projetos desenvolvidos com/por seus estudantes. Se alguém precisar de maiores informações pode escrever pra mim, sou o curador da mostra brasileira na exposição de 2014. É possível conseguir financiamento do MinC para essa viagem, posso ajudar com isso também.

Eksperimenta! is an international contemporary art festival for young people in the age of 14 – 19, taking place in Tallinn, Estonia with the mission to support the development of critical, socially sensitive and creative thinking in society through the integration of contemporary art and art education. Eksperimenta! invites art and art education organisations world-wide to become partners for the E! 2014 triennial Art & Science with the role of organising the national exhibitions.

Focusing on the topic Space, the first E! took place in 2011. Eksperimenta! 2014 will be held in October – November 2014 in Tallinn Creative Hub on the topic Art & Science, integrating contemporary art, art education and different fields of sciences. Art, education and sciences are all becoming more interdisciplinary, for example a great part of contemporary art uses research-based approach, in education discipline-based approach is changing into topic-based approach and new fields of sciences are born in the crossborder of disciplines. The E! triennial offers a cooperation platform for young people, art educators, artists, curators, and scientists, being a kind of creative laboratory where new innovative knowledge is born. Read more below.

The role of the partner organisation includes selecting the national curator and organising the production of national exhibition. Eksperimenta! team will provide overall building and design of the triennial area, technical equipment, marketing, compilation of the catalogue and the programme of the opening week.

In case of interest, please send: 1) an introduction of your organisation (up to 1800 charaters); 2) a letter of motivation with the vision about the role of curator working with the age 14 – 19 (up to 1800 characters) to:

Application deadline: 19th of August 2013. Selection: by 2nd of September.

Aabout Eksperimenta! 2014 Art & Science
E! 2014 Art & Science will take place in October – November 2014 in Tallinn Creative Hub ( The triennial will consist of: 1) the national exhibitions (current open call), 2) the cross-border exhibition, 3) IDEAlaboratory conference, 4) art education research project.

The national exhibitions
The main part of the triennial will consist of national exhibitions, each of them focusing on a field of science (for example Art & Ecology, Art & Sociology etc). The exhibitions will be organised by the national partners and curators, selected by the partners. The topic Art & Science will be narrowed in each country depending on local interests. Exhibitions will include contemporary art work from young artists in the age of 14 – 19.
The cross-border exhibition
The cross-border exhibition will focus on social topics and international cooperation between young people. They will start with local activities in partner countries and will continue as an international workshop during the opening week in Tallinn. Young people will form international teams who will map and research social questions of their interest and offer creative solutions to the questions. More information November 2013 onwards.

The IDEAlaboratory conference
Two days conference will focus on ways of integrating science, art and art education. The first day will deal with integration possibilities of different sciences, art and art education; the second day will focus on contemporary art didactics. Open call in March 2014.

The art education research project
The project acts as a central bridge between art, art education and curating. It will integrate two currents: contemporary art (curator + artists = exhibition) and art education (teacher + students = exhibition) in search of a new art education didactical model. More information October 2013 onwards.

Partners meeting in 2013 in Tallinn
For preparing the E! 2014 triennial the meeting of partners and curators will be organised on 26th – 28th of September 2013. The meeting gives a chance to the partners to see the future triennial location and discuss organisational questions.

Feedback about Eksperimenta! 2011
Focusing on the topic Space, the first Eksperimenta! exhibition took place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia being one of the key events in the programme of European Capital of Culture, Tallinn 2011. The exhibition lasted 50 days,  from 27th of April to 14th of June 2011. The national exhibitions, compiled by professional curators from each participating country, presented more than 400 works of art created by 844 young artists from 13 countries: Canada, Portugal, Germany, Slovenia, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia, Republic of  Korea, Iceland and Ireland. The first E! attracted more than 18 000 visitors and received intense media attention with more than 200 media coverages in written press, radio and TV, both locally and internationally. The exhibition was reviewed by biggest Estonian channels, but also Euronews, Taide & Design, The Baltic Guide, The Baltic Guide, Süddeutche Zeitung, TV SLO1, Voima among others.

Feedback cloud from Eksperimenta! 2011 partners
Eksperimenta! 2011 partners have brought out a cloud of keywords of what they liked most about E! triennial. Architectual solution, design and visual concept were brought out most, followed by venue, concept idea, volunteers, catalogue etc. 

More information and insights about E! 2011 can be found from E! video: